Adult diapause

Diapause , when referencing animal dormancy, is the delay in development in response to regularly and recurring periods of adverse environmental conditions. Diapause is a mechanism used as a means to survive predictable, unfavorable environmental conditions, such as temperature extremes, drought, or reduced food availability. Diapause is most often observed in all the life stages of arthropods , especially insects. Embryonic diapause , a somewhat similar phenomenon, occurs in over species of mammals, possibly even in humans [3] , and in the embryos of many of the oviparous species of fish in the order Cyprinodontiformes. Activity levels of diapausing stages can vary considerably among species. Diapause may occur in a completely immobile stage, such as the pupae and eggs, or it may occur in very active stages that undergo extensive migrations, such as the adult monarch butterfly , Danaus plexippus.
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Please take this quick survey to tell us about what happens after you publish a paper. In the mild climate of Honshu, Japan, C. All populations show an important variation in photoperiodic response. Sous le climat doux de Honshu, Japon central, C. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF.
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Please take this quick survey to tell us about what happens after you publish a paper. Entomological Review. Zoophytophagous plant bugs Heteroptera, Miridae increasingly attract interest as agents of biological plant protection. In the laboratory experiment, the effects of the day length and temperature on the duration of the pre-adult period and on induction of facultative winter adult diapause were studied in Dicyphus errans Wolff, collected in Italy.
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The mechanisms underlying biological aging are becoming recognized as therapeutic targets to delay the onset of multiple age-related morbidities. Even greater health benefits can potentially be achieved by halting or reversing age-associated changes. Here, we focused on the mechanisms controlling recovery from adult diapause. Here, we show that functional improvement of post-mitotic somatic tissues does not require germline signaling, germline stem cells, or replication of nuclear or mitochondrial DNA.
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